Wolfgang Franz Von Kobell - Works - Scientific


  • Charakteristik der Mineralien (2 vols. 1830-1831)
  • Tafeln zur Bestimmung der Mineralien (1833, and later editions; 12th ed. by Konrad Oebbeke, 1884; 13th ed. 1893)
  • Skizzen aus dem Steinreich (1850)
  • Mineralogie: Populäre Vorträge (1862)
  • Grundzüge der Mineralogie (1838)
  • Galvanographie (1842; 2d ed. 1846), describing a method of his own invention
  • Geschichte der Mineralogie von 1650-1860 (1864)

He was the author of numerous scientific papers, and described many new minerals.

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