Wolff is the surname of:

  • Albert Wolff (conductor), Dutch conductor and pianist
  • Albert Wolff (sculptor) (1814–1892), German sculptor
  • Albert Moritz Wolff (1854–1923), German sculptor
  • Albert Wolff (Australian judge)
  • Alexander Wolff, American writer
  • Alex Wolff, American actor
  • Aronte Wolff Berlijn (1817-1870) holander composer.
  • Lt Col Alexander Wolff, (1788–1863), British officer who served under the Duke of Wellington
  • Betje Wolff (1738–1804), Dutch writer
  • Bernard Wolff (1811–1879), German media mogul
  • Bernard Pierre Wolff (1930–1985), French photographer
  • Beverly Wolff (1928–2005), American mezzo-soprano
  • Bobby Wolff (born 1932), American bridge player
  • Carl Gustaf Wolff, a prominent Finnish shipowner and businessman
  • Caspar Friedrich Wolff (1734–1794), founder of embryology
  • Christian Wolff (philosopher) (1679–1754), German philosopher and mathematician
  • Christian Wolff (composer) (born 1934), American composer of experimental classical music
  • Christian Wolff (actor), German actor
  • Christoph Wolff (born 1940), German-born musicologist
  • David Wolff, music producer
  • Edward Wolff (born 1946), American economist
  • Magda Lupescu (1895?–1977), mistress and (after his abdication) wife of Carol II of Romania Lupescu is a Romanianization of Wolff
  • Enrique Wolff (born 1949), Argentine football player
  • Ernst Victor Wolff (1886–1961), German-born classical pianist and harpsichordist
  • Francis Wolff, photographer and the founder of Blue Note Records
  • Frank Wolff (disambiguation), several people
  • Franklin Merrell-Wolff (1887–1985), an American mystical philosopher
  • Freddie Wolff (1910–1988), British sprinter
  • Geoffrey Wolff (born 1937), American writer
  • Gerald W. Wolff (born 1939), American historian
  • Hans Walter Wolff (born 1911), German biblical scholar
  • Hellmuth Wolff (born 1937), Canadian organ builder
  • Heinz Wolff (born 1928), German-British scientist and television and radio presenter
  • Henry Drummond Wolff (1830–1908), English diplomat
  • Hugo Wolff (1860–1903), Austrian composer
  • Jonathan Wolff (born 1959), philosopher and Marxist scholar
  • Jonathan Wolff, composer of the Seinfeld TV theme
  • Josh Wolff (born 1977), American soccer player
  • Joseph Wolff (1795–1862), Jewish Christian missionary from Germany
  • Julius Wolff (1836–1902), surgeon
  • Julius Wolff (mathematician) (1882-1945), Dutch mathematician
  • Kurt Wolff (WWI Ace) (1895–1917), German World War I pilot and Ace
  • Louis Wolff (1898–1972), American cardiologist
  • Karin Wolff (1959), German politician
  • Karl Wolff (1900–1984), high-ranking member of the Schutzstaffel
  • Leon Wolff historian, author
  • Maritta Wolff (1918–2002) American novelist
  • Milton Wolff Commander of the Lincoln Battalion
  • Nelson Wolff (born 1940), American politician
  • Patrick Wolff (born 1968), American chess player
  • Richard D. Wolff (born 1942), American economist
  • Richard Keith Wolff (born 1947), British photographer
  • Rikard Wolff (born 1958), Swedish actor
  • Robert Paul Wolff, political philosopher
  • Roger Wolff (1911–1994), American baseball player
  • Scott Wolff Founder of WOLFF & Associates Consulting for DITA
  • Stefan Wolff, German political scientist and professor living in the UK
  • Sula Wolff
  • Tobias Wolff (born 1945), American writer
  • Toto Wolff (born 1972), Austrian racing driver and investor
  • Thomas Wolff (1954–2000), American mathematician
  • Werner Wolff (musician)
  • Werner Wolff, SS officer

Wolff can also refer to:

  • Harland and Wolff, shipbuilding company
  • Wolff & Associés, organ building company
  • Rudolf Wolff & Co, commodity broker
  • Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium
  • Wolff-Kishner reduction
  • Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

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Max-Eckart Wolff
... Eduard Hans Martin Max-Eckart Wolff (19 December 1902 in Wernigerode – 9 November 1988 in Bremen) was a Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipient during World War II ... Wolff as commander of destroyer Z2 Georg Thiele was credited with the destruction of the British destroyers HMS Hardy and HMS Hunter on 10 April 1940 ...
Ludwig Wolff
... Ludwig Wolff (27 September 1857 – 24 February 1919) was a German chemist ... published a new reaction now known as the Wolff-Kishner reduction ...
Stephen Wolff - Contributions To The Internet
... For fourteen years, Wolff worked as a communications and technology researcher for the United States Army ... While working for the Army, Wolff introduced the UNIX operating system to Army labs in the early 1980s ... Also while working for the Army, Wolff managed a research group that participated in the development of ARPANET, a major technology precursor to the Internet ...
Michael Wolff (journalist) - Return To Writing
... Wolff returned to writing, from which he had been absent for more than ten years, and recountedthe details of the financing, positioning, personalities, and ultimate breakdown of ... Wolff briefly worked as a weekly columnist for The Industry Standard, an Internet trade magazine published by IDG ... Wolff has been nominated for the National Magazine Award three times, winning twice ...