WMF can stand for:

  • Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit foundation that runs various open-content wiki projects
  • Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik, a Namibian armoured vehicle producer
  • Windows Media Format, also known as "AVI" after the container format it uses
  • Windows Metafile, a graphics file format on Microsoft Windows systems
  • World Monuments Fund, the foremost international non-profit historic preservation organization
  • W├╝rttembergische Metallwarenfabrik ('W├╝rttembergish Metalwares Factory' in German)

Other articles related to "wmf":

World Monuments Fund - Programs
... Through donations and matching funds, WMF has worked with local community and government partners worldwide to safeguard and conserve places of historic value for ... To date, WMF has worked at more than 500 sites in 91 countries, including many UNESCO World Heritage Sites ... WMF has worked at internationally famous tourist attractions as well as lesser-known sites ...
Toolserver - Operations
... by WMDE, but also receives additional funding from the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), Wikimedia UK (WMUK) and others ... The servers host software-based tools written by volunteers of the WMF projects ... The majority of the tools perform maintenance on WMF projects and allow their smooth operation ...
Windows Metafile - Specifications and Patents
... The original 16 bit WMF file format was fully specified in volume 4 of the 1992 Windows 3.1 SDK documentation (at least if combined with the descriptions of ... engineering to figure out the file format from existing WMF files, which was difficult and error prone ... In September 2006, Microsoft again published the WMF file format specification in the context of the Microsoft Open Specification Promise, promising to not assert patent rights to ...
SK1 (program) - Side (friendly) Projects
... is also used by Inkscape for opening CorelDRAW, WMF and Sketch/Skencil files ... It is a program for WMF/EMF files preview and export to SVG ... At project development a comprehensive report on WMF support by various open source and closed applications was made ...