Wing Tumens

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History Of Mongolia - Mongol Period - The Forty and The Four
... the Forty and the Four (Дөчин дөрвөн хоёр), meaning the forty Tumens of the Mongols and the four Tumens of the Oirats ... Yuan dynasty was that they were able to mobilise an army of 400,000 warriors (40 tumens) ... However, the amount of 40 tumens remained only in the name of the Mongols after the fall of the Yuan Dynasty as only 6 tumens were able to retreat to Mongolia and the remaining 34 tumens were lost to the ...
Northern Yuan Dynasty - History - Decline (1540–1635)
... titular authority over the three right wing tumens ... In 1571 the Ming opened trade with the 3 Right Wing Tumens ... The large-scale conversion to Buddhism in the Three Right Wing Tumens from 1575 on, built on the amity of the Chinggisids ...
Dayan Khan - The Unrest of The Right Wing
... A delegation from the Three Right Wing tumens (Ordos, Tümed and Yöngshiyebü) invited Dayan Khan to rule them ... or an Oirat/Kharchin warlord, and Mandulai dominated the area, the three tumens discontented with their power ... Dayan Khan dispatched to the Three Right Wing Tumens his sons Ulusbaikh (Ulusbold) and Barsubolad Sainalag ...

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