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Saptakoshi River - National Parks and Fauna - Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
... Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a wetland situated in the flood plains of the Sapta-Koshi River in Nepal's eastern Terai ... Gazette was designated a wildlife reserve in 1976, it covers a reserve area of 175 km2 (68 sq mi) and is one of the Outstanding Important Bird Areas in the Indo-Gangetic ... The Koshi river is the reserve's major landmark and is home to 80 fish species, around 441 species of birds, 30 shore birds, 114 water birds, 20 ...
Azraq, Jordan - Wildlife Reserve
... Azraq is also notable as being the site of one of Jordan's seven protected nature reserve areas (setup by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature) the Azraq Wetlands ... The separate and larger Shaumari reserve is also close to Azraq, being only 10 km south of the town ...
Sarda River - National Parks in The Basin
... Notable national parks are Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve in Nepal and Dudhwa National Park on the Indo-Nepal border in India ... a) Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in Nepal has evolved over the years from a Hunting Reserve In 1969, to the gazetted Shukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve in July 1976 with.an area of 155 km to protect Nepal's ... The reserve supports a wide range of biodiversity, which is nationally and globally important ...
Bill Williams River - Wildlife Reserve
... Dodge mining company, which is operating it as a nature reserve, under a government program for companies to restore habitat in one area to balance environmental damage caused elsewhere ...

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    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)