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Southern Quechua
... Quechua (Spanish quechua sureño), or simply Quechua, is the most widely spoken of the major regional groupings of mutually intelligible dialects within the Quechua language family, with about 6.9 million speakers ... It is also the most widely spoken indigenous language in the entire New World ... The term 'Southern Quechua' refers to the forms of Quechua spoken in regions of the Andes south of a line roughly east-west between the cities of Huancayo ...
List Of Languages By Total Number Of Speakers - Estimates By Language - Indonesian/Malay Estimates (total Number of Speakers)
... an estimate of 268 million people, making it one of the top ten most widely spoken languages in the world in terms of total number of speakers ... Some sources rate it as the sixth most widely spoken language in the world ... However, despite this, it is often inexplicably absent from many lists of the world's most widely-spoken languages, such as George H ...
Languages Of Israel - Other Languages - Non-official Languages Widely Spoken in Israel
... Yiddish The language of Ashkenazi Jews in the diaspora and the second most widely spoken Jewish language, Yiddish is a Germanic language, but incorporates elements of Hebrew ... German is spoken natively by around 100,000 Israelis ... Amharic Spoken by most of Israel’s 130,000 Ethiopian Jews, most of whom arrived in two massive operations transporting tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews from Ethiopia to Israel in ...
Languages Of North America - Immigrant Languages
... The three most widely spoken languages in North America – English, Spanish, and to a lesser extent French – reflect the three most important powers in the Age of Discovery ... Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands, and is spoken alongside English-based creole languages in Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat ... language of Dominica and Saint Lucia, where the French-based Antillean Creole is also widely spoken ...
Languages Of Bangladesh - Bengali and Its Dialects
... which are classified either as dialects of Bengali or separate languages Chittagonian is widely spoken in the entire Chittagong Division by more than 14 million people ... Rangpuri language is widely spoken in Rangpur Division by some 10 million people ... Noakhailla is widely spoken in Greater Noakhali and Greater Comilla ...

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    Weep bitterly, and make great moan, and use lamentation, as he is worthy, and that a day or two, lest thou be evil spoken of: and then comfort thyself for thy heaviness. For of heaviness cometh death, and the heaviness of the heart breaketh strength.
    Apocrypha. Ecclesiasticus 38:17-18.

    To have no son, no wife,
    No house or land still seemed quite natural.
    Only a numbness registered the shock
    Of finding out how much had gone of life,
    How widely from the others.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)