Who is unsung?

  • (adj): Not famous or acclaimed.
    Example: "Unsung heroes of the war"
    Synonyms: obscure, unknown
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Helmet (band) - In Media
... The videos for "Unsung" and "Wilma's Rainbow" have been featured on the 1990s MTV series Beavis and Butt-Head ... In 2004, the song "Unsung" appeared on the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas soundtrack, playing on fictional alternative radio station Radio X ... In 2005, "Unsung" was used in the PlayStation 2 game Guitar Hero as well as True Crime New York City ...
Heavy Metal Funkason - Track Listing
... A cappella Unsung Love Song" "Sloppy Metal (Unsung Love Song)" "Me Anti?" "Tryin' To Get Out Of This Alive" "Heavy Metal Funkadelic" "Comebacksly" "Cl ...
Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes
... Song Summoner The Unsung Heroes (ソングサマナー 歌われぬ戦士の旋律, Songu Samanā Utawa Renu Senshi no Senritsu?) is an iPod tactical role-playing game developed and published by ... A new version entitled Song Summoner The Unsung Heroes - Encore was announced for the iOS at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show ...
Revelations Of The Unsung
... Revelations of the Unsung is the debut album by Florida metal band The Autumn Offering ... to popularity with signing to Victory Records, since its conception, Revelations of the Unsung has sold in excess of 20,000 CDs ...
Unsung (song)
... "Unsung" is a single by the American alternative metal band Helmet from their 1992 album, Meantime ... A music video was produced for "Unsung" and found significant airplay on MTV in the early 1990s."Unsung" is recorded in Dropped D tuning on both guitars and bass, and begins with a bass intro. 1991, a full year before the release of "Meantime" Amphetamine Reptile records issued the "Unsung" 7" record (scale 41), featuring an earlier recording of the song and putting to bed the debate of who ...

More definitions of "unsung":

  • (adj): Not rendered in song.
    Example: "Their dirge was unsung"

Famous quotes containing the word unsung:

    In our world of big names, curiously, our true heroes tend to be anonymous. In this life of illusion and quasi-illusion, the person of solid virtues who can be admired for something more substantial than his well-knownness often proves to be the unsung hero: the teacher, the nurse, the mother, the honest cop, the hard worker at lonely, underpaid, unglamorous, unpublicized jobs.
    Daniel J. Boorstin (b. 1914)