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Shipping - Ships of The Clan Line
... SS Clan Macdougall (1) built 1904 ... MV Clan Macdougall (2) built 1929 ... SS Clan Macdougall (3) built 1943 ...

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    When you’re dealing with monkeys, you’ve got to expect some wrenches.
    Alvah Bessie, Ranald MacDougall, and Lester Cole. Raoul Walsh. Captain Nelson, Objective Burma, giving a subaltern a mission (1945)

    The small perplexities of small minds eddy and boil about you. Confident from the experience that has led you out of these same dangers, you attack each problem as it appears, unafraid.
    —Alice Foote MacDougall (1867–1945)

    I don’t have to pound on that thick skull of yours and make big speeches as to what this mission means to us. I think you know. If you do good, it means the lives of several thousand men, so do good.
    Alvah Bessie, Ranald MacDougall, Lester Cole, and Raoul Walsh. Col. Carter, Objective Burma, giving a subaltern a mission (1945)