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Lawrence Durrell

Lawrence George Durrell (February 27, 1912 – November 7, 1990), was an expatriate British novelist, poet, dramatist, and travel writer, though he resisted affiliation with Britain and preferred to be considered cosmopolitan. It has been posthumously suggested that Durrell never had British citizenship, though more accurately, he became defined as a non-patrial in 1968, due to the amendment to the Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1962. Hence, he was denied the right to enter or settle in Britain under new laws and had to apply for a visa for each entry. His most famous work is the tetralogy the Alexandria Quartet.

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Theodore Stephanides - Biography
... It was around this time, in 1936, that he was introduced to the Durrell family, including Gerald Durrell and Lawrence Durrell, who would remain lifelong friends ... Stephanides would later send Lawrence Durrell medicines for the British Embassy in Cyprus (as noted from correspondence in Spirit of Place Letters and Essays on Travel" (1969), by ... He would also be a meticulous proof-reader for Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals, and Lawrence Durrell's The Greek Islands ...
Lawrence Samuel Durrell
... Lawrence Samuel Durrell (23 September 1884 – 16 April 1928) was a British Indian subject and engineer, and is best remembered as the father of novelist Lawrence Durrell and naturalist Gerald ... born in Dum Dum (present day Kolkata) on 23 September 1884, the son of Samuel Amos Durrell and his wife, Dora Maria Johnstone, and christened in Fatehgarh ... They had three sons and a daughter - Lawrence, Leslie, Margaret, and Gerald ...
Lawrence Durrell - Cultural References
... Lawrence Durrell—song by Mick Thomas California Split—Gwen Welles' character is shown reading the book, the movie has several parallels to the novel Stranger than Fiction—The Alexandria ...
Constantine P. Cavafy - Bibliography
... Forster and Lawrence Durrell ... It includes photographs of Cavafy, E M Forster, Lawrence Durrell, and people they knew in Alexandria ... Cavafy appears as a character in the Alexandria Quartet of Lawrence Durrell ...
Pied Piper Of Lovers - Further Reading
... "An Unacknowledged Trilogy." Deus Loci The Lawrence Durrell Newsletter 2.3 (1979) 3-12 ... the Feminine Elemental Figures in Durrell's Pied Piper of Lovers." Lawrence Durrell Revisited Lawrence Durrell Revisité ... "Exiled from Exile." Deus Loci The Lawrence Durrell Journal ns 8 (2001) 44.57 ...

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    Guilt always hurries towards its complement, punishment; only there does its satisfaction lie.
    Lawrence Durrell (1912–1990)

    I’m trying to die correctly, but it’s very difficult, you know.
    —Lawrence Durrell (1912–1990)

    Whether outside work is done by choice or not, whether women seek their identity through work, whether women are searching for pleasure or survival through work, the integration of motherhood and the world of work is a source of ambivalence, struggle, and conflict for the great majority of women.
    —Sara Lawrence Lightfoot (20th century)