Who is jon wynne-tyson?

Jon Wynne-Tyson

Jon Wynne-Tyson (born 1924) is a British author, publisher, activist and pacifist who founded Centaur Press in 1954. He ran Centaur Press from his home in Sussex and is a distinguished independent publisher. Centaur Press was a full-time independent publishing company until it was sold in 1998. The output from Centaur Press ranged from small stories illustrated by his first wife Joan Stanton to the substantial hardback series Centaur Classics, which included such titles as Leland's five volume Itinerary in England and Wales, Tyndale's translation of the Pentateuch, and Burns' Commonplace Book.

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    The effectiveness of our memory banks is determined not by the total number of facts we take in, but the number we wish to reject.
    —Jon Wynne-Tyson (b. 1924)

    The dog is mentioned in the Bible eighteen times—the cat not even once.
    —W.E. Farbstein. Quoted in “Hundkeit,” Mondo Canine, ed. Jon Winokur, Dutton (1991)