Wheatstone may refer to:

  • Cape Wheatstone, in Antarctica
  • Charles Wheatstone (1802–1875), a British scientist and inventor, eponymous for Wheatstone bridge
  • Cooke and Wheatstone Telegraph
  • Wheatstone, New Zealand, a locality in the Canterbury region
  • Wheatstone Glacier, in Antarctica
  • Wheatstone LNG
  • Wheatstone bridge, a measuring instrument in electricity

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... Anne Bubb, who were grandparents of the inventor Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802–75), lived at Barnwood Manor House ... In later years Wheatstone often returned to Barnwood ... A local public house is named The Wheatstone Inn after him ...
Alexander Bain (inventor) - Biography - Career
... problems to the editor of the Mechanics Magazine, who introduced him to Sir Charles Wheatstone ... Bain demonstrated his models to Wheatstone, who, when asked for his opinion, said "Oh, I shouldn't bother to develop these things any further! There's ... Wheatstone tried to block Bain's patents, but failed ...
Charles Wheatstone
... Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS (6 February 1802 – 19 October 1875), was an English scientist and inventor of many scientific breakthroughs of the Victorian era, including the English concertina, the ... However, Wheatstone is best known for his contributions in the development of the Wheatstone bridge, originally invented by Samuel Hunter Christie, which is used to ...
Cooke And Wheatstone Telegraph - Inventors
... between William Fothergill Cooke and Charles Wheatstone, best known to schoolchildren from the eponymous Wheatstone bridge ... Wheatstone, on the other hand, was an academic with no interest in commercial ventures ... with Marc Isambard Brunel acting for Cooke and John Frederic Daniell acting for Wheatstone ...
Wheatstone, New Zealand
... Wheatstone is a locality in the Canterbury region of New Zealand's South Island ... Wheatstone is slightly inland from the coastline of the Pacific Ocean ...