What is Yamamoto?

  • (noun): Japanese admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 (1884-1943).
    Synonyms: Isoroku Yamamoto


Yamamoto (山本 meaning "base of the mountain") is one of the most common Japanese surnames.

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... However, upon Yamamoto's discovery of his ring wrapped in paper with the Vongola emblem crossed out, he attacked Yamamoto, resulting in Yamamoto getting hospitalized ... other Simon Guardians are freed, and he reconciled with Yamamoto ...
Satsuo Yamamoto
... Satsuo Yamamoto (山本 薩夫, Yamamoto Satsuo?, July 15, 1910 - August 11, 1983) was a Japanese film director ... Yamamoto was born in Kagoshima Prefecture on July 15, 1910 ...
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... Shohei Yamamoto (山本 翔平, Yamamoto Shohei?, born August 29, 1982 in Nagaokakyō, Kyoto) is a Japanese footballer who plays for V-Varen Nagasaki ...
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