What is windmill?

  • (noun): A mill that is powered by the wind.
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A windmill is a machine which converts the energy of wind into rotational energy by means of vanes called sails. Originally windmills were developed for milling grain for food production. In the course of history, the windmill machinery was adapted to many other industrial uses. An important non-milling use is to pump water, either for land drainage or to extract groundwater.

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Stubb Drainage Windmill
... Stubb Drainage Windmill is 1.9 miles east of Hickling in the English county of Norfolk ... The Windmill is a Grade II listed building and was given this status on the 30th September 1987 ... The estimate is that there were once about 200 wind powered drainage windmills in the Broadlands ...
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1966 Biscot Smock Bolnhurst Post Colmworth Post Cranfield Cranfield Windmill SP 429 ... tower Demolished 1966 Dunstable TL 220 ... Tower Late 18th or early 19th century Windmill ... Demolished 1907 Henlow Smock 1819 Demolished 1935 Holcot Holcot Windmill Tower 19th century Demolished c. 1880, machinery to Spaldwick Mill, Huntingdonshire Windmill World Houghton Conquest Post Demolished 1830s Houghton Conquest Tower 1830s Windmill World Houghton Regis Smock ...
Windmill - Wind Turbine
... A wind turbine is a windmill-like structure specifically developed to generate electricity ... as the next step in the developments of the windmill ... By the 1930s windmills were widely used to generate electricity on farms in the United States where distribution systems had not yet been installed, built by ...
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