What is wild?

  • (noun): A wild primitive state untouched by civilization.
    Example: "He lived in the wild"
    Synonyms: natural state, state of nature
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Some articles on wild:

Wild Man
... The wild man (also wildman, or "wildman of the woods", archaically woodwose or wodewose) is a mythical figure that appears in the artwork and literature of medieval Europe, comparable to the satyr or faun ... Images of wild men appear in the carved and painted roof bosses where intersecting ogee vaults meet in the Canterbury Cathedral, in positions where one is also likely to encounter the ... The image of the wild man survived to appear as supporter for heraldic coats-of-arms, especially in Germany, well into the 16th century ...
Wild Dog (disambiguation)
... Wild dog is a term broadly applied to canines which are either not domesticated or not owned ... It may also refer to Feral dogs, domestic dogs living as wild animals ... Domestic dogs classified as Canis lupus dingo which are wild by nature even when raised in captivity ...
The Wild Thornberrys - Films
... Three movies have been released The Wild Thornberrys The Origin Of Donnie (2001) This prequel was released as a TV film and explores Donnie's life before he was found by the Thornberrys ... The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) This theatrical film made $60 million and earned an Academy Award nomination ... Rugrats Go Wild (2003) This theatrical film was the final Rugrats film and a cross-over between Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys ...
Pinnacles National Monument - Wildlife
... Bobcats, cougars, coyotes, California Quail, Wild Turkey, and many other birds and mammals live in the area ... Like many parks in central California, Pinnacles has had a small problem with wild pigs (a mix of feral domestic pigs and imported wild boars) disturbing the landscape on a regular basis ... Outside this fence, however, wild pigs still roam in regular abundance ...
... called the Cretan goat, Agrimi, or Cretan Ibex, was considered a subspecies of Wild Goat, but has been recently found to be a feral variety of the domestic goat ... In the wild, they are shy and rest during the day ... males are often called 'agrimi' (αγρίμι, 'the wild one'), while the name 'Sanada' is used for the female ...

More definitions of "wild":

  • (adj): Marked by extreme lack of restraint or control.
    Example: "Wild ideas"; "wild talk"; "wild originality"; "wild parties"
  • (adj): (of colors or sounds) intensely vivid or loud.
    Example: "Wild colors"; "wild shouts"
    Synonyms: violent
  • (adj): Deviating widely from an intended course.
    Example: "A wild bullet"; "a wild pitch"
  • (adj): Produced without being planted or without human labor.
    Example: "Wild strawberries"
    Synonyms: spontaneous
  • (adj): In a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated.
    Example: "Wild geese"; "edible wild plants"
    Synonyms: untamed
  • (adj): In a state of extreme emotion.
    Example: "Wild with anger"; "wild with grief"
  • (noun): A wild and uninhabited area.
    Synonyms: wilderness
  • (adj): Located in a dismal or remote area; desolate.
    Example: "A wild stretch of land"
    Synonyms: desert, godforsaken, waste
  • (adj): Not subjected to control or restraint.
    Example: "A piano played with a wild exuberance"- Louis Bromfield
  • (adv): In an uncontrolled and rampant manner.
    Synonyms: rampantly
  • (adv): In a wild or undomesticated manner.
    Example: "Growing wild"; "roaming wild"

Famous quotes containing the word wild:

    A township where one primitive forest waves above while another primitive forest rots below,—such a town is fitted to raise not only corn and potatoes, but poets and philosophers for the coming ages. In such a soil grew Homer and Confucius and the rest, and out of such a wilderness comes the Reformer eating locusts and wild honey.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    There was so much of the Indian accent resounding through his English, so much of the “bow-arrow tang” as my neighbor calls it.... It was a wild and refreshing sound, like that of the wind among the pines, or the booming of the surf on the shore.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    After which you led me to water
    And bade me drink, which I did, owing to your kindness.
    You would not let me out for two days and three nights,
    Bringing me books bound in wild thyme and scented wild grasses
    As if reading had any interest for me ...
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)