What is wide?

  • (adv): To the fullest extent possible.
    Example: "Open your eyes wide"; "with the throttle wide open"
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Wide Boy - Musical References
... name by Richard and Linda Thompson (1974), the lyrics include the line "The wide boys are all spoiling for a fight" ... Ultravox released the song "Wide Boys" on their eponymous first LP in 1977 ... The 1970s rock band Foghat had a popular song "Wide Boy" on their 1981 Girls to Chat Boys to Bounce album, and Godley and Creme released a single of the same title in 1980 which was to start their careers in video ...
Goji - Description - Leaves and Flower
... to three, each having a shape that is either lanceolate (shaped like a spearhead longer than it is wide) or ovate (egg-like) ... Leaf dimensions are 7-cm wide by 3.5-cm broad with blunted or round tips ... The corolla are lavender or light purple, 9–14 mm wide with five or six lobes shorter than the tube ...
Code 39
... Three of the nine elements in each character are wide (binary value 1), and six elements are narrow (binary value 0) ... The width ratio between narrow and wide can be chosen between 12 and 13 ... Their original design included two wide bars and one wide space in each character, resulting in 40 possible characters ...
Wide Release
... Wide release is a term in the American motion picture industry for a motion picture that is playing nationally (as opposed to a few cinemas in cities such as New York and Los ... Specifically, a movie is considered to be in wide release when it is on 600 screens or more in the United States and Canada ... In the US, films holding an NC-17 rating almost never have a wide release ...
Wide Boy
... Wide boy is a British term for a man who lives by his wits, wheeling and dealing ... The word "wide" is in this sense means wide-awake or sharp-witted ... The word came to public attention in 1937 with the publication of Wide Boys Never Work by Robert Westerby, a novel about gamblers and hustlers ...

More definitions of "wide":

  • (adj): Great in degree.
    Example: "Won by a wide margin"
  • (adj): Very large in expanse or scope.
    Example: "The wide plains"
    Synonyms: broad, spacious
  • (adv): With or by a broad space.
    Example: "Stand with legs wide apart"; "ran wide around left end"
  • (adj): Having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other.
    Example: "Wide roads"; "a wide necktie"; "wide margins"; "three feet wide"
    Synonyms: broad
  • (adj): (used of eyes) fully open or extended.
    Example: "Stared with wide eyes"
    Synonyms: round-eyed, wide-eyed
  • (adv): Far from the intended target.
    Example: "The arrow went wide of the mark"
    Synonyms: astray
  • (adj): Great in range or scope.
    Example: "A wide selection"
    Synonyms: extended, extensive
  • (adv): To or over a great extent or range; far.
    Example: "Wandered wide through many lands"
    Synonyms: widely
  • (adj): Having ample fabric.
    Example: "The current taste for wide trousers"
    Synonyms: wide-cut, full
  • (adj): Not on target.
    Example: "The kick was wide"; "the arrow was wide of the mark"; "a claim that was wide of the truth"
    Synonyms: wide of the mark

Famous quotes containing the word wide:

    For a long time I was reporter to a journal, of no very wide circulation, whose editor has never yet seen fit to print the bulk of my contributions, and, as is too common with writers, I got only my labor for my pains. However, in this case my pains were their own reward.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    It is the time we have now, and all our wasted time sinks into the sea and is swallowed up without a trace. The past is dust and ashes, and this incommensurably wide way leads to the pragmatic and kinetic future.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    The negligence of Nature wide and wild,
    Where, undisguised by mimic art, she spreads
    Unbounded beauty to the roving eye.
    James Thomson (1700–1748)