What is whooper swan?

Whooper Swan

The Whooper Swan (pronounced hooper), Cygnus cygnus, is a large Northern Hemisphere swan. It is the Eurasian counterpart of the North American Trumpeter Swan. An old name for the Whooper Swan is 'Elk'; it is so called in Francis Willughby and John Ray's Ornithology of 1676.

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Whooper Swan - Influence
... Whooper Swans are much admired in Europe ... The Whooper Swan is the national bird of Finland and is featured on the Finnish 1 euro coin ... The Whooper Swan is one of the species to which the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) applies ...
Swan - Systematics and Evolution
... The Mute Swan apparently is closest to the Southern Hemisphere Cygnus (del Hoyo et al ... that its closest living relative is the Black Swan ... Genus Cygnus Subgenus Cygnus Mute Swan, Cygnus olor, is a Eurasian species that occurs at lower latitudes than Whooper Swan and Bewick's Swan across Europe into ...

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