What is wheelchair?

  • (noun): A movable chair mounted on large wheels; for invalids or those who cannot walk; frequently propelled by the occupant.


A wheelchair is a chair with wheels, designed to be a replacement for walking. The device comes in variations where it is propelled by motors or by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand. Often there are handles behind the seat for someone else to do the pushing. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability. People with both sitting and walking disability often need to use a wheelbench.

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Scott Vitale
... Scott Vitale (born 6 July 1985) was a member of the Australian wheelchair rugby team which competed in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Paralympics ... Scott began to play wheelchair rugby in 2002 ... His wheelchair rugby career has also included such highlights as winning the Asia-Oceania Zonal Championships ...
Sweden At The Paralympics - Medal Tables - Medals By Summer Sport
... tennis 64 ... Weightlifting 12 ... Wheelchair tennis 7 ... Powerlifting 7 ... Archery 12 ... Equestrian 6 ... Dartchery 1 ... Wheelchair fencing 2 ... Goalball 0 1 ...
Standing Wheelchair
... A standing wheelchair (also known as a standing chair) is assistive technology, similar to a standing frame, that allows a wheelchair user to raise the chair from a ... The standing wheelchair supports the person in a standing position and enables interaction with people and objects at eye level ...
Power Chair
... A motorized wheelchair, powerchair, electric wheelchair or electric-powered wheelchair (EPW) is a wheelchair that is propelled by means of an electric motor rather than manual power ... Motorized wheelchairs are useful for those unable to propel a manual wheelchair or who may need to use a wheelchair for distances or over terrain which would be fatiguing in a manual ...