What is Vinson?

  • (noun): United States jurist who served as chief justice of the Supreme Court (1890-1953).
    Synonyms: Frederick Moore Vinson


VINSON is a family of voice encryption devices used by U.S. and allied military and law enforcement, based on the SAVILLE encryption algorithm and 16 kbit/s CVSD audio compression. It replaces the Vietnam War-era NESTOR (KY-8/KY-28|28/KY-38|38) family.

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... VINSON is a family of voice encryption devices used by U.S ... VINSON devices include KY-57 KY-58 KY-68 KY-99a (MINTERM) KY-100 (AIRTERM) KYV-2 FASCINATOR VINSON is embedded into many modern military radios, such as SINCGARS ... multi-algorithm COMSEC modules are also backwards-compatible with VINSON ...
Stanfield Organization - Fronts - Vinson
... Vinson was an advisor to Marlo Stanfield, acting also as his personal bank, and also runs a rim shop where Marlo often operates ... It is Vinson who identifies Omar Little to Brother Mouzone on Mouzone's return to Baltimore seeking revenge ... In season four, Marlo continues to use Vinson's rim shop as an occasional meeting place, though Vinson does not appear ...
Rube Vinson
... Ernest Augustus "Rube" Vinson (March 20, 1879 – October 12, 1951) was a Major League Baseball outfielder ... Vinson started his professional baseball career in 1904 in the Eastern League ... Vinson later spent two seasons in the New England League ...
Damien Gildea
... His Antarctic ascents include Mount Vinson, Mount Shinn, Mount Craddock, Mount Gardner, Mount Bentley, Mount Anderson (first ascent) and several other peaks in Vinson Massif, Craddock Massif and ... published the new 150,000 color topographical map Vinson Massif The Sentinel Range including a number of new features named by the USGS ...
Second Vinson Act
... The Naval Act of 1938, known as the Second Vinson Act, was United States legislation enacted on May 17, 1938, that "mandated a 20% increase in strength of the United States ... The act was sponsored by Carl Vinson, a Democratic Congressman from Georgia who was Chairman of the House Naval Affairs Committee ... It updated the provisions of the Vinson-Trammell Act ("First Vinson Act") of 1934 and the Naval Act of 1936, which had "authorized the construction of the first American battleships in 17 years", based ...