What is videodisc?

  • (noun): A digital videodisc; a recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set.
    Synonyms: videodisk, DVD


Videodisc (or video disc) is a general term for a laser- or stylus-readable random-access disc that contains both audio and analog video signals recorded in an analog form. Typically, it is a reference to any such media that predates the mainstream popularity of the DVD format.

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Disco Vision
... It was the original name of the "Reflective Optical Videodisc System" format later known as LaserVision or LaserDisc ... giant MCA, established in 1969 to develop and sell an optical videodisc system ... In 1981, responsibility for the laser videodisc was sold to Pioneer Electronic Corporation ...
Capacitance Electronic Disc - History - Demise
... the lead in the introduction of a new order of things...' At videodisc, I believe these words had special significance..." Dr ... Brandinger, Vice President, RCA SelectaVision Videodisc Operations, June 27, 1986 ... RCA had originally slated the videodisc system for a 1977 release ...
... Laserfilm was a videodisc format developed by McDonnell-Douglas in 1984 that was a transmissive laser-based playback medium (unlike its competitor, laserdisc, which was a reflective ... caddy for playback, much like the RCA Selectavision CED and VHD videodisc systems ... Laserfilm format was originally based on an earlier videodisc format called ARDEV, developed by a company of the same name which was originally a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield until 1981 ...
Interactive Video in Early Computer Games
... overlaying computer-generated material with 12-inch videodisc images (where the setup is known as "level III" interactive video, to distinguish it from "level I" or ...