What is unconditioned?

  • (adj): Not established by conditioning or learning.
    Example: "An unconditioned reflex"
    Synonyms: innate, unlearned
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Conditioned Place Preference - Conditioning Procedure
... initially neutral stimulus, in this case environmental cues, is repeatedly paired with an unconditioned stimulus that naturally produces a response prior to conditioning (th ... will come to elicit responses similar to the unconditioned response ... In conditioned place preference the unconditioned stimulus could be any number of things including food pellets, water, sweet fluid, novel toys, social interaction, drug intoxication, drug withdrawal, foot shock ...
Conditioned Place Preference - Conditioning Procedure - Outcomes
... In the standard conditioned place preference procedure, when the unconditioned stimulus is rewarding, rodents will more likely approach the compartment that contains ... Alternatively, when the unconditioned stimulus is aversive, rodents will more likely escape and avoid the compartment that contains cues associated with it ... Timing of presentation of the unconditioned stimulus can determine whether place preference or aversion will be conditioned ...
Classical Conditioning
... stimulus or CS, comes to signal the occurrence of a second stimulus, the unconditioned stimulus or US ... as food or pain that elicits a response from the start this is called the unconditioned response or UR ... was one where the conditioned stimulus becomes associated with, and eventually elicits, the unconditioned response ...
Conditioned Place Preference - Conditioning Procedure - Steps To Conditioning Place Preference or Aversion - Conditioning
... In the conditioning phase the unconditioned stimulus (e.g ... This compartment will become associated with the motivational effects of the unconditioned stimulus ... depending on the nature of the unconditioned stimulus ...
Blocking Effect
... between two stimuli, a conditioned stimulus (CS) and an unconditioned stimulus (US) is impaired if, during the conditioning process, the CS is presented together with a second ... is exposed to a light (the first conditioned stimulus, CS1), together with food (the unconditioned stimulus, US) ...

More definitions of "unconditioned":

  • (adj): Without conditions or limitations.
    Synonyms: absolute, total