What is transmitted?

  • (adj): Sent electronically as by wire or radio.
    Example: "The transmitted signals"
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Law & Order: UK - Episodes
... commissioned as a single series of thirteen episodes, episodes 1–7 were transmitted as series one, broadcast in 2009, and episodes 8–13 were transmitted as series two ... A second run of thirteen episodes was commissioned in 2010, with episodes 1–7 being transmitted as series three, broadcast in 2010, and episodes 8–13 ... in October 2010, with episodes 1–6 being transmitted as series five, broadcast in 2011, and episodes 7–13 being transmitted as series six, broadcast in 2012 ...
Transfusion Transmitted Infection
... A Transfusion transmitted infection (TTI) is a virus, parasite, or other potential pathogen that can be transmitted in donated blood through a transfusion to a recipient ... (HIV) leads to the best known of the transfusion transmitted diseases, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) ...
Amoebiasis - Transmission
... Amoebiasis is usually transmitted by the fecal-oral route, but it can also be transmitted indirectly through contact with dirty hands or objects as ... Since amoebiasis is transmitted through contaminated food and water, it is often endemic in regions of the world with limited modern sanitation systems, including México, Central America, western ...
... Spraing can be caused by two viruses, tobacco rattle virus (TRV) which is transmitted by trichodorid nematodes, or potato mop top virus (PMTV) transmitted by the ... is generally by ensuring that seed is disease free although the strain transmitted by nematodes can be controlled to some extent by the use of nematicides This agriculture article is a ...
Computation Of CRC - One-pass Checking
... When appending a CRC to a message, it is possible to detach the transmitted CRC, recompute it, and verify the recomputed value against the transmitted one ... When the CRC is transmitted with the correct bit order (most significant terms first), a receiver can compute an overall CRC, over the message and the ...

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    What we often take to be family values—the work ethic, honesty, clean living, marital fidelity, and individual responsibility—are in fact social, religious, or cultural values. To be sure, these values are transmitted by parents to their children and are familial in that sense. They do not, however, originate within the family. It is the value of close relationships with other family members, and the importance of these bonds relative to other needs.
    David Elkind (20th century)