What is transfer function?

Transfer Function

A transfer function (also known as the system function or network function) is a mathematical representation, in terms of spatial or temporal frequency, of the relation between the input and output of a linear time-invariant system with zero initial conditions and zero-point equilibrium. With optical imaging devices, for example, it is the Fourier transform of the point spread function (hence a function of spatial frequency) i.e. the intensity distribution caused by a point object in the field of view.

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Some articles on transfer function:

Lead–lag Compensator - Theory
... and lag compensators introduce a pole–zero pair into the open loop transfer function ... The transfer function can be written in the Laplace domain as where X is the input to the compensator, Y is the output, s is the complex Laplace transform variable, z is the zero ... The overall transfer function can be written as Typically, where z1 and p1 are the zero and pole of the lead compensator and z2 and p2 are the zero and ...
Microtremor - History
... of observed horizontal motions to reflect the transfer function of the surface ... of the source rather than the transfer function of a site ... at a site roughly equals the S-wave transfer function between the ground surface and bedrock at a site ...
Transfer Function - Optics
... In optics, modulation transfer function indicates the capability of optical contrast transmission ... The modulation transfer function in a specific spatial frequency is defined by Where modulation (M) is computed from the following image or light brightness ...
Mason's Rule
... Mason's gain formula (MGF) is a method for finding the transfer function of a linear signal-flow graph (SFG) ... MGF is an alternate method to finding the transfer function algebraically by labeling each signal, writing down the equation for how that signal depends on ... a step by step method to obtain the transfer function from a SFG ...
Pound–Drever–Hall Technique - PDH Readout Function
... The PDH readout function gives a measure of the resonance condition of a cavity ... By taking the derivative of the cavity transfer function (which is symmetric and even) with respect to frequency, it is an odd function of frequency and hence ... The zero-crossing of the readout function is sensitive only to intensity fluctuations due to the frequency of light in the cavity and insensitive to intensity fluctuations ...

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