What is tincture?

  • (noun): A quality of a given color that differs slightly from a primary color.
    Synonyms: shade, tint, tone
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A tincture is typically an alcoholic extract of plant or animal material or solution of such or of a low volatility substance (such as iodine and mercurochrome). To qualify as an alcoholic tincture, the extract should have an ethanol percentage of at least 40-60% or 80-120 proof. Sometimes even a 90% or 180 proof tincture is achieved. In herbal medicine, alcoholic tinctures are made with various concentrations of ethanol, 25% being the most common. Other concentrations include 45% and 90%.

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Tincture Of Iodine - Usage
... toxic when ingested in amounts larger than those required to disinfect water, tincture of iodine is sold labelled "for external use only," and used primarily as a disinfectant ... Tincture of iodine is often found in emergency survival kits, used both to disinfect wounds and to sanitize surface water for drinking. 5 mg free iodine per liter, or 5 drops of 2% tincture) ...
Disadvantages of Tinctures
... and dosage when choosing ethanol-based botanical tinctures ... Although ether and propylene glycol based tinctures are not suitable for internal consumption, they are used in preparations such as personal care cremes and ointments ...
B&O Supprettes
... in any form, along with paregoric and opium tincture (laudanum) ... Note Manufacturers of Paregoric (Camphorated Tincture of Opium) and Laudanum (Tincture of Opium) were notified in writing in November 2009 that there were was no FDA appoval on-file for either preparation, and as-suc ...
... As a tincture, vair is considered a fur and is therefore exempted from the Rule of tincture (i.e ... may also be differently coloured, but this is blazoned as "Vairy of and ", where one tincture must be a metal and the other a colour ...
Rule Of Tincture
... The first rule of heraldic design is the rule of tincture metal should not be put on metal, nor colour on colour (Humphrey Llwyd, 1568) ... in nature) are exceptions to the rule of tincture ...

More definitions of "tincture":

  • (noun): An indication that something has been present.
    Example: "A tincture of condescension"
    Synonyms: trace, vestige, shadow
  • (noun): (pharmacology) a medicine consisting of an extract in an alcohol solution.
  • (noun): A substances that colors metals.
  • (verb): Stain or tint with a color.
    Example: "The leaves were tinctured with a bright red"