What is testator?

  • (noun): A person who makes a will.
    Synonyms: testate


A testator is a person who has written and executed a last will and testament that is in effect at the time of his/her death. It is any "person who makes a will."

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Price V. Watkins - Precedential Effect
... be cited for the next two centuries in various state and Federal courts for the rule that when a testator bequeaths a life estate in his surviving spouse, with the premises (or ... question would most commonly arise where, as occurred in Price, a testator’s widow outlived a child, and the child’s heirs sought the child’s share of ...
... to determine what happens when property bequeathed under a will is no longer in the testator's estate at the time of the testator's death ... For example, if a will bequeathed the testator's car to a specific beneficiary, but the testator owned no car at the time of his or her death, the gift would be adeemed and the aforementioned ... If the cash in the testator's estate is not sufficient to satisfy the gift, then other assets in the residuary estate will need to be sold to raise the necessary cash ...
Wills Act 1837 - Provisions of The Act Currently in Force - Revocation of A Will
... the will in the event of the marriage of the testator ... However, this section was amended in 1982 so that where the testator makes the will in the expectation of marriage to a particular person, the will is not revoked by such a marriage ... cannot be revoked by any presumption of the intention of the testator or on the grounds of any alteration in his circumstances (s.19) ...
Conflict Of Succession Laws - Succession
... In some states, there is complete freedom for testators to leave their assets to whomever or whatever purpose they wish to promote ... Some proactively limit the testator's capacity by imposing minimum provisions for surviving dependents ... As to the testator, all questions of status and capacity should be determined by the personal law at the time the decree is granted ...
Testator - Related Terms
... A female testator is sometimes referred to as a testatrix, particularly in older cases ... In Ahmadiyya Islam, a testator is referred to as a moosi, who is someone that has signed up for Wasiyyat or a will, under the plan initiated by the Promised Messiah, thus committing a portion, not less than ... to a will attest to certain facts concerning the making of the will by the testator, and where they sign their names as witnesses ...