What is tentative?

  • (adj): Unsettled in mind or opinion.
    Example: "Drew a few tentative conclusions"
    Synonyms: doubtful
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Probe Vue - The Vue Language - Tentative Tracing
... Tentative tracing is a concept that allows the trace output of a block of code to be labeled as tentative ...
Go Man Go - Ownership and Registration Problems
... At that time, the AQHA had two types of registration, the Appendix and the Tentative ... horses were the offspring of Thoroughbreds and either Tentative-registered Quarter Horses or Appendix-registered Quarter Horses ... The way to advance out of the Appendix into the Tentative registry was to qualify on performance grounds and pass a conformation examination conducted by the AQHA ...
Melanommataceae - Genera List
... Acrocordiopsis Anomalemma - placement tentative Astrosphaeriella - placement tentative Asymmetricospora Bicrouania Bimuria - placement tentative Byssosphaeria ...
Tentative D'├ępuisement D'un Lieu Parisien
... Tentative d'├ępuisement d'un lieu parisien is a short (roughly 60 pages) book by Georges Perec written in October 1974 and published in 1975 ... The Tentative was first published in a journal, then in the 10/18 series and finally reedited by Christian Bourgois ...
List Of Countries By Prevalence Of Cocaine Use
... Latvia 0.2 2003 Zambia 0.2 2000 (Tentative estimates) Namibia 0.2 1998 Russia 0.1 2003 (UNODC estimates) Antigua and Barbuda 0.1 2000 Romania 0.1 2004 Greece 0.1 2004 Ukraine 0.1 ...

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Famous quotes containing the word tentative:

    The shrewd guess, the fertile hypothesis, the courageous leap to a tentative conclusion—these are the most valuable coin of the thinker at work. But in most schools guessing is heavily penalized and is associated somehow with laziness.
    Jerome S. Bruner (b. 1915)

    The essence of the physicality of the most famous blonde in the world is a wholesome eroticism blurred a little round the edges by the fact she is not quite sure what eroticism is. This gives her her tentative luminosity and what makes her, somehow, always more like her own image in the mirror than she is like herself.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)

    How do we know, then, when a code’s been cracked? ... when we are right? ... when do we know if we have even received a message? Why, naturally, when, upon one set of substitutions, sense emerges like the outline under a rubbing; when a single tentative construal leads to several; when all the sullen letters of the code cry TEAM! after YEA! has been, by several hands, uncovered.
    William Gass (b. 1924)