What is taxation?

  • (noun): The imposition of taxes; the practice of the government in levying taxes on the subjects of a state.
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Some articles on taxation:

Spanish Conquest In The Philippines (1521–1898) - Spanish Rule - Economy - Taxation
... Also collected was the bandalâ (from the Tagalog word mandalâ, a round stack of rice stalks to be threshed), an annual enforced sale and requisitioning of goods such as rice ... Custom duties and income tax were also collected ...
Michael A. Rice - Selected Legislation As Enacted
... An Act Relating to Taxation -- Property Subject to Taxation ... An Act Relating to Taxation -- Sales and Use Taxes -- Enforcement and Collection ...
Samuel Johnson's Political Views - Political Writings - Taxation No Tyranny
... The last of these pamphlets, Taxation No Tyranny (1775), was a defence of the Coercive Acts and a response to the Declaration of Rights of the First ...
Controversies Within Libertarianism - Philosophy - Taxation
... as the non-aggression principle includes opposing taxation ... Some libertarians support low taxes, arguing that a society with no taxation would have difficulty providing public goods such as crime prevention ...

More definitions of "taxation":

  • (noun): Charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government.
    Synonyms: tax, revenue enhancement

Famous quotes containing the word taxation:

    Every diminution of the public burdens arising from taxation gives to individual enterprise increased power and furnishes to all the members of our happy confederacy new motives for patriotic affection and support.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)

    Whether talking about addiction, taxation [on cigarettes] or education [about smoking], there is always at the center of the conversation an essential conundrum: How come we’re selling this deadly stuff anyway?
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    The Government is able to afford a suitable army and a suitable navy. It may maintain them without the slightest danger to the Republic or the cause of free institutions, and fear of additional taxation ought not to change a proper policy in this regard.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)