What is surgical procedure?

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Targeted Reinnervation - Methods - Targeted Sensory Reinnervation - Surgical Procedure
... This technique has been dubbed “transfer sensation”, and it has the potential of providing useful sensory feedback, such as pressure sensing, to help the patient judge the amount of force to be exerted. ...
Bone Anchored Hearing Aid - Surgical Procedure - Everyday Handling of Skin At Implant Site
... One important feature with the Baha is that if a patient for whatever reason do not want to continue with the arrangement it takes the surgeon less than a minute to remove the whole thing ... The Baha will not restrict the wearer from any activities such as outdoor life, sporting activities etc ...

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    With all the surgical skill and the vital rays lavished on him he should talk like a—like a congressman at a filibuster.
    —Kenneth Langtry. Herbert L. Strock. Prof. Frankenstein (Whit Bissell)