What is spiegel?

  • (noun): Pig iron containing manganese; used as a deoxidizing agent and to raise the manganese content in making steel.
    Synonyms: spiegeleisen, spiegel iron

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Sam Spiegel (musician)
... Sam Spiegel (also known as Squeak E ... In addition to creating his own material, Spiegel has worked with musicians such as Ben Lee, Maroon 5, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs ... Though he attempts to create music free of record label restraints, Spiegel also licenses his songs whenever possible so as to maximize exposure for his work ...
Arthur Spiegel
... Arthur Spiegel was the Chicago mail-order magnate and early American film studio executive ... Spiegel was the youngest son of Joseph Spiegel, founder of the Spiegel Home Furnishings merchandising house based in Chicago ... Shortly after, in 1914, Arthur Spiegel left the mail order business and started in the film business as the partner of Jack Warner and Lewis J ...