What is Spencer?

  • (noun): English philosopher and sociologist who applied the theory of natural selection to human societies (1820-1903).
    Synonyms: Herbert Spencer

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Philip Spencer - Background
... Spencer was born in Canandaigua, New York ... abortive stay at Union College – where he was a founder of Chi Psi Fraternity – Spencer ran away and signed on a whaler at Nantucket ... As Secretary of War, it was easy for Spencer's father to procure his son a midshipman's commission ...
Charles Spencer, 6th Earl Spencer - Background and Education
... Spencer was born in St ... James's, Westminster, the son of Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer, by his second wife Adelaide Seymour, daughter of Horace Beauchamp Seymour and granddaughter of Lord Hugh Seymour ... John Spencer, 5th Earl Spencer, was his elder half-brother ...
Philip Spencer
... Philip Spencer (January 28, 1823 – December 1, 1842), a midshipman aboard the USS Somers, was hanged for mutiny without a lawful court-martial ... Spencer, Secretary of War in U.S ... John Tyler's administration, and the grandson of Ambrose Spencer, a New York politician and lawyer ...
The Spencer Davis Group
... The Spencer Davis Group are a mid-1960s British beat group from Birmingham, England, formed by Spencer Davis with Steve Winwood and his brother Muff Winwood ...
Spencer - Other Uses
... Spencer (clothing), a type of short jacket Spencer repeating rifle, a U.S ... Spencer (sail) or Trysail, a small low sail used to maintain control of a sailing vessel in very high winds ... Spencer (TV series), a 1984–1985 American sitcom Spencer Carriage House and Stable, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D.C ...

Famous quotes containing the word spencer:

    The Republican form of government is the highest form of government; but because of this it requires the highest type of human nature—a type nowhere at present existing.
    —Herbert Spencer (1820–1903)

    Divine right of kings means the divine right of anyone who can get uppermost.
    —Herbert Spencer (1820–1903)

    Anyone can see that to write Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the knee in the kitchen, with constant calls to cooking and other details of housework to punctuate the paragraphs, was a more difficult achievement than to write it at leisure in a quiet room.
    —Anna Garlin Spencer (1851–1931)