What is South America?

  • (noun): The nations of the South American continent collectively.
    Example: "South America is an important market for goods from the United States"
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South America

South America is a continent located in the Western Hemisphere, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the Northern Hemisphere. The continent is also considered a subcontinent of the Americas.

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... Chile Santiago Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. ...
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... Hastings visits Poirot and finds that Poirot is leaving for South America ... After an aborted start on Poirot's trip to South America, they return to the flat to find the man dead ... suspicious as he has visited both China and America ...
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South America - Culture - Language
... Portuguese (196,342,592 speakers) is the most spoken language in South America, followed by Spanish (193,243,411), which is the official language of most countries, along with other native languages in some ... Indigenous languages of South America include Quechua in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Bolivia Wayuunaiki in northern Colombia (La Guajira) GuaranĂ­ in Paraguay and, to a much lesser extent, in ... At least three South American indigenous languages (Quechua, Aymara, and Guarani) are recognized along with Spanish as national languages ...

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  • (noun): A continent in the western hemisphere connected to North America by the Isthmus of Panama.

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    I am reminded by my journey how exceedingly new this country still is. You have only to travel for a few days into the interior and back parts even of many of the old States, to come to that very America which the Northmen, and Cabot, and Gosnold, and Smith, and Raleigh visited.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The South Wind is a baker.
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