What is source code?

  • (noun): Program instructions written as an ASCII text file; must be translated by a compiler or interpreter or assembler into the object code for a particular computer before execution.

Source Code

In computer science, source code is any collection of computer instructions (possibly with comments) written using some human-readable computer language, usually as text. The source code of a program is specially designed to facilitate the work of computer programmers, who specify the actions to be performed by a computer mostly by writing source code. The source code is automatically translated at some point to machine code that the computer can directly read and execute. An interpreter translates to machine code and executes it on the fly when the program is run, while a compiler translates the program in advance to machine code that it stores as executable files; these can then be executed as a separate step.

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Some articles on source code:

Code Project Open License
... The Code Project Open License (CPOL) is a software license published by The Code Project, a community site for software developers ... Its main points subject to the terms of the license are Source Code and Executable Files can be used in commercial applications Source Code and Executable Files can be redistributed and Source Code can be modified to ... The Code Project has a comparison of the CPOL to open-source licenses on their site ...
Source Code - Quality
... are aimed at the maintenance of the software source code, which involves debugging and updating ... to compile the program for multiple architectures, often make code readability a less important consideration, since code quality depends entirely on its purpose ...
Micropolis (video Game) - Ports and Versions - Micropolis - Future
... This allows other, differently named projects to be forked from the Micropolis source code ... Improvements to the open source code base that merits EA's approval may be incorporated into the official "OLPC SimCity" source code, to be ...
Cross-platform Support Middleware - Abstraction Method
... method in the CPSM development is the method used to compile the concrete source code for a given platform without compromising the abstract interfaces ... compilation and directory separation of sources ... The first method consists in embedding preprocessor instructions in the source code to conditionally select the source subtree compatible with a given platform ...
Last Pass Password Manager - Source Code
... LastPass Password Manager is closed source, though many of the extensions can be run in a non-binary mode where the source is available, but LastPass maintains all rights ... that theoretically the integrity of the software could be verified without making it open source, and mentioned that the developers may be open to the future possibility of making the user interface of ...

Famous quotes containing the words code and/or source:

    Wise Draco comes, deep in the midnight roll
    Of black artillery; he comes, though late;
    In code corroborating Calvin’s creed
    And cynic tyrannies of honest kings;
    He comes, nor parlies; and the Town, redeemed,
    Gives thanks devout; nor, being thankful, heeds
    The grimy slur on the Republic’s faith implied,
    Which holds that Man is naturally good,
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    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    There is no such source of error as the pursuit of absolute truth.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)