What is slope?

  • (verb): Be at an angle.
    Synonyms: incline, pitch
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In mathematics, the slope or gradient of a line describes its steepness, incline, or grade. A higher slope value indicates a steeper incline.

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Some articles on slope:

Slope, Slovenia - Mass Grave
... Slope is the site of a mass grave associated with the Second World War ... The Kotar Enclosure Cave Mass Grave (Slovene Grobišče Jama pod Kotarjevo ogrado) is located in a woods northeast of Tublje pri Hrpeljah ...
Controllable Slope Soaring
... Controllable-slope soaring (also known as Walkalong gliding) is a type of slope soaring where a slope is made to follow a walkalong glider (a lightweight toy aircraft ... A controllable slope is any object which can be used to affect the air under the airplane a piece of cardboard, the pilot's hands or even head ... The controllable slope is usually manipulated by a person following the glider in flight (please see photo at right) ...
Line Of Greatest Slope
... In topography, the line of greatest slope is a curve following the steepest slope ... the gradient of the height, taken as a potential field, so the lines of greatest slope are analogous to lines of force ... forces and terrain roughness are set side, a ball rolling down a slope, or water flowing down, will follow the line of greatest slope ...

More definitions of "slope":

  • (noun): The property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the horizontal.
    Synonyms: gradient
  • (noun): An elevated geological formation.
    Example: "He climbed the steep slope"
    Synonyms: incline, side