What is shrine?

  • (noun): A place of worship hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person.
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A shrine (Latin: scrinium "case or chest for books or papers"; Old French: escrin "box or case") is a holy or sacred place, which is dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, daemon or similar figure of awe and respect, at which they are venerated or worshipped. Shrines often contain idols, relics, or other such objects associated with the figure being venerated. A shrine at which votive offerings are made is called an altar. Shrines are found in many of the world's religions, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, Chinese folk religion and Shinto, as well as in secular and non-religious settings such as a war memorial. Shrines can be found in various settings, such as churches, temples, cemeteries, or in the home, although portable shrines are also found in some cultures.

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Secular Shrines
... In the United States and some other countries, landmarks may be called "historic shrines." Notable shrines of this type include The Alamo Fort McHenry Touro ... Halls of fame also serve as shrines into which single or multiple individuals are inducted on the basis of their influence upon regions, cultures or disciplines ... By extension the term shrine has come to mean any place (or virtual cyber-place) dedicated completely to a particular person or subject such as the Shrine of the Sun in Colorado Springs, Colorado."Will Rogers ...
Isuzu River
... because it flows through Ise Grand Shrine and, due to its strong association with the Shrine, many songs and poems have been written about it throughout history ... The Uji Bridge, which serves as the entrance to Ise Grand Shrine, crosses the Isuzu River ...
... street (Honchou Douri) leading to Chikiri Shrine ... Chikiri Shrine itself is a small collection of ramshackle wooden buildings on the top of a small, jagged hill ... Beside the shrine is Heike pond, Busshozan Park, and Hounenji Temple, which is a substantial structure, and is the burial place of a local lord and his family ...
Burney Relief - Context - Religion
... of the plaque suggests it would have belonged in a shrine, possibly as an object of worship it was likely set into a mud-brick wall ... Such a shrine might have been a dedicated space in a large private home or other house, but not the main focus of worship in one of the cities' temples, which would ... According to Jacobsen that shrine could have been located inside a brothel (see below) ...
Katori Shrine - Notable Structures
... The Honden of Katori Shrine was traditionally reconstructed every 20 years, similar to the system used at Ise Shrine until the system fell apart during the Sengoku period ... The Rōmon gate of Katori Shrine was also constructed in 1700 and is also designated an Important Cultural Property ... It displays the shrine's name plaque written by Fleet Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō ...

More definitions of "shrine":

  • (verb): Enclose in a shrine.
    Synonyms: enshrine

Famous quotes containing the word shrine:

    The United Nations cannot do anything, and never could; it is not an animate entity or agent. It is a place, a stage, a forum and a shrine ... a place to which powerful people can repair when they are fearful about the course on which their own rhetoric seems to be propelling them.
    Conor Cruise O’Brien (b. 1917)