What is shiva?

  • (noun): The Destroyer; one of the three major divinities in the later Hindu pantheon.
    Synonyms: Siva
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Shiva ( /ˈʃɪvə/; Sanskrit: शिव Śiva, meaning "auspicious one") is a major Hindu deity and is "the Destroyer" or "the Transformer" among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity. He is considered the Supreme God within Shaivism, one of the three most influential denominations in Hinduism, where as in other branches of Hinduism such as in the Smarta tradition, he is regarded as one of the five primary forms of God.

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Harihareshwara Temple
... The temple houses the deity Harihara, a fusion of the Hindu Gods Vishnu and Shiva ... The image of the deity is a fusion of the right vertical half of Shiva and left vertical half of Vishnu ... The image holds in its right hand, the attributes of Shiva and in the left hand, those of Vishnu ...
Shiva - Temples - Famous Temples in Other Countries
... Hinduism Hindu History Deities Trimurti Brahma Vishnu Shiva Devis and Devas Saraswati Lakshmi Parvati Shakti Durga Kali Ganesha Subrahmanya Ayyappa Rama ... a mountain near Kathmandu, Nepal.World's tallest lord Shiva statue ... Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailash in Tibet, a pilgrimage site believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva Gosaikunda Lake located in Rasuwa District, Nepal Doleshwar ...
Shani Pradosha
... to legend, there was a ruler of Ujjain called Chandrasen, who was a pious devotee of Shiva and worshipped him all the time ... unaware of the impending war was worshipping Shiva ... of the palace and heard the king chant the Shiva's name ...

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  • (noun): (Judaism) a period of seven days of mourning after the death of close relative.
    Example: "The family is sitting shiva"
    Synonyms: shivah, shibah