What is shikharbaddha mandir?

Shikharbaddha Mandir

A shikharbaddha mandir is a traditional Hindu place of worship, typically featuring architecture characterized by pinnacles and domes and often built of carved marble, sandstone, or other stone. While such mandirs are common in many branches of Hinduism, the use of the term shikharbaddha mandir to describe such mandirs is most common in the Swaminarayan branch of Hinduism.

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Shikharbaddha Mandirs and The Swaminarayan Tradition
... In the Swaminarayan tradition, “the construction of mandirs has remained an important means of expressing and promoting Swaminarayan ‘’upasana‘’.” From the time of Swaminarayan, groups of devotees ... Then, as families needed to congregate, they built hari mandirs, typically simple buildings often converted from a warehouse or something similar, and which housed simplified ... grew in size and could bear the expense, the devotees built shikharbaddha mandirs as expressions of their devotion the first six such shikharbadhha mandirs were built by Bhagwan Swaminarayan himself ...