What is Sherman?

  • (noun): A town in northeastern Texas near the Oklahoma border.
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Sherman, Michigan
... Sherman is a small unincorporated community in Wexford County in the U.S ... Sherman is located at the point where four townships meet and portions lie within each of the townships ... Hall, settled near Sherman in the early 1860s ...
Alfred Sherman
... Sir Alfred Sherman, KBE, (10 November 1919 – 26 August 2006) was a writer, journalist, and political analyst ... Sherman was a co-founder of the Centre for Policy Studies, a consultant to the Western Goals Institute, and the founder of The Lord Byron Foundation for ...
Alfred Sherman - Relationship With Thatcher
... Sherman was critical of Ted Heath's Conservative government because of its public spending and its failure to implement free market policies ... Sherman was subsequently Director of the CPS and a member of the Conservative Philosophy Group ... More than any one man, Sherman provided her with the strategy for capturing the leadership of the Party and winning the general election of 1979 ...
Cindy Sherman - Books
... Cindy Sherman ... (2007) Cindy Sherman A Play of Selves.Hatje Cantz ... (2006) Cindy Sherman Working Girl.Contemporary Art Museum, St ...
Alfred Sherman - Views On The Balkans
... In the 15 years of his life, Sherman was an outspoken critic of western policy in the former Yugoslavia ... In Sherman's words, it was "designed to correct the current trend of public commentary, which tends, systematically, not to understand events but to construct a propagandistic version of Balkan ... In 1992, writing in London's Jewish Chronicle, Sherman warned against "the lapse of logic" in confusing the Bosnian Muslims with the European Jewry under Hitler ...

More definitions of "Sherman":

  • (noun): United States general who was commander of all Union troops in the West; he captured Atlanta and led a destructive march to the sea that cut the Confederacy in two (1820-1891).
    Synonyms: William Tecumseh Sherman
  • (noun): American Revolutionary leader and signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution (1721-1793).
    Synonyms: Roger Sherman
  • (noun): A peak in the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado (14,036 feet high).
    Synonyms: Mount Sherman