What is scoop?

  • (verb): Take out or up with or as if with a scoop.
    Example: "Scoop the sugar out of the container"
    Synonyms: scoop out, lift out, scoop up, take up
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Some articles on scoop:

List Of Engine Sentai Go-onger Episodes - Episodes - Basic Investigation
... fight and find the source of the tremor Scoop Banki ... After being forced above ground, Scoop Banki overpowers the Go-ongers before escaping underground once more ... team, Gunpei takes Hant underground to further investigate Scoop Banki's activities ...
Spring Championship Of Online Poker
... The Spring Championship of Online Poker - All Stakes (SCOOP) is an online poker tournament series sponsored by PokerStars ... Online Poker (WCOOP), there are three different stakes in the SCOOP Low, Medium - ten times the low stake - and High - 100 times the low stake ... SCOOP is also offered on PokerStars.it, PokerStars' site for Italian players ...
Scoop Wheel Pump
... A Scoop wheel or Scoopwheel pump is similar in construction to a water wheel, but works in the opposite manner a waterwheel is water-powered and used to drive machinery, a scoop wheel is engine-driven ... Principally used for land drainage, early scoop wheels were wind-driven but later steam-powered beam engines were used ... A scoop wheel produces a lot of spray ...
Scoop - Other
... Scoop (cricket), a modern shot in cricket which involves reversing the grip on the bat SCOOP (software), the Simple Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming extension ...
Scoop (dance Project)
... Scoop was a Belgian dance group ... from the 98’ Love Parade mixed with the Scoop logo ... at an indoor house festival mixed with the Scoop logo ...

More definitions of "scoop":

  • (noun): The shovel or bucket of dredge or backhoe.
    Synonyms: scoop shovel
  • (noun): A large ladle.
    Example: "He used a scoop to serve the ice cream"
  • (noun): A hollow concave shape made by removing something.
    Synonyms: pocket
  • (noun): A news report that is reported first by one news organization.
    Example: "He got a scoop on the bribery of city officials"
    Synonyms: exclusive
  • (noun): The quantity a scoop will hold.
    Synonyms: scoopful