What is revue?

  • (noun): A variety show with topical sketches and songs and dancing and comedians.
    Synonyms: review


A revue is a type of multi-act popular theatrical entertainment that combines music, dance and sketches. The revue has its roots in 19th century American popular entertainment and melodrama but grew into a substantial cultural presence of its own during its golden years from 1916 to 1932. Though most famous for their visual spectacle, revues frequently satirized contemporary figures, news or literature. Due to high ticket prices, ribald publicity campaigns and the occasional use of prurient material, the revue was typically patronized by audience members who earned more and felt less restricted by middle-class social mores than their contemporaries in vaudeville. Like much of that era's popular entertainments, revues often featured material based on sophisticated, irreverent dissections of topical matter, public personae and fads, though the primary attraction was found in the frank display of the female body.

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Leonard Statuette - Prize Winners
... awarded 1971 – Kari Diesen, actress 1972 – Arve Opsahl actor 1973 – Bias Bernhoft, revue writer 1974 – Jens Book-Jenssen, actor 1975 – Carsten Byhring ... actor 1985 – Arild Haga, revue writer 1986 – Elisabeth Granneman, actress 1987 – Sølvi Wang, actress 1988 – not awarded 1989 – not awarded 1990 – Yngvar Numme, actor ...
Louis-Xavier De Ricard - Life
1863, after receiving an inheritance from an aunt, he founded La Revue du progrès ... Among the contributors to the Revue were Charles Longuet and a young Paul Verlaine (his first published poem) ... The Revue lasted one year the atheist sentiments of the Revue lead to a Monseigneur Dupanloup taking legal action against the Revue on the grounds that it was an outrage to public morals and good mores ...
Leonard Statuette
... The award is named after revue instructor, composer and director Einar Leonard Schanke, one of Norway's most important revue personalities ... The prize is regarded the highest distinction in Norwegian revue ...
Contemporary Revues - Medics' Revues
... of Medical, Dental and Veterinary schools within the UK and Australia to put on revues each year, combining comedy sketches, songs, parodies, films and sound-bites ... Each year, the revue casts of each of the 5 medical schools of the United Hospitals compete in the competition known as the UH Revue in an attempt to win The Moira Stuart Cup ... The Cambridge Medics Revue, St George's Medics Revue, and Birmingham Medics Revues all performed at the 2008 Fringe Festival ...
Articles and Text of Carlos Ginzburg
1999 Revue Art Press, n°244, Mars, Paris, France 1997 Revue Art Press, n°229, Nov, Paris, France 1995 Revue Archipielago, Madrid, Spain 1993 Art Forum, Mars, New York Revue ... Paris VIII 1986 Revue Leonardo, USA 1969 Revue Pages, London, Great Britain 1967 Revue Approches, Paris, France ...