What is retrace?

  • (verb): Reassemble mentally.
    Synonyms: reconstruct, construct
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Field Rate - Cathode Ray Tubes
... is to avoid altering the computer's video buffer except during the vertical retrace ... the Famicom/NES did not allow any graphics changes except during the retrace (the period when the electron guns shut off and return to the upper left corner of the screen) ... it is still necessary to avoid modifying graphics data except during the retrace phase to prevent tearing from an image that is rendered faster than the display operates (LCDs normally ...
Analogue Television Synchronization - Other Technical Information - Sync Separator
... and the sync pulse itself are called the horizontal blanking (or retrace) interval and represent the time that the electron beam in the CRT is returning to the start of ... beginning and end of a scan no picture information is transmitted during vertical retrace ... pulse sequence is designed to allow horizontal sync to continue during vertical retrace it also indicates whether each field represents even or odd ...
List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords - Keywords From Expert-Level Expansions (mechanics) - Retrace
... Retrace allows players to replay a spell from the graveyard by paying its mana cost and all associated costs with the additional cost of discarding a land card ... Unlike with flashback, a card cast from the graveyard with retrace is not exiled, and returns to the graveyard after it resolves ... Retrace appears in Eventide ...
Pandora Hearts - Characters - Nightray Dukedom
... It's shown in Retrace 45 that he has always had the right to make the contract with Raven, which leads him to gaining the chain ... It is revealed in Retrace 61 that he was the real headhunter all along and had formed an illegal contract with a chain called Demios ... In Retrace 52, Elliot faints with a vision of his nightmare where he kills everyone with his sword and after waking up and finding Vanessa dead, Break accuses Elliot of being ...
Broadcast Television Systems - Analog Television Systems - Viewing Technology
... the end of one line to the beginning of the next (horizontal retrace) and from the bottom of the screen to the top (vertical retrace or vertical blanking interval) ... The horizontal retrace is accounted for in the time allotted to each scan line, but the vertical retrace is accounted for as phantom lines which are never displayed but ...

More definitions of "retrace":

  • (verb): To go back over again.
    Synonyms: trace

Famous quotes containing the word retrace:

    From troublous sights and sounds set free;
    In such a twilight hour of breath,
    Shall one retrace his life or see,
    Through shadows, the true face of death?
    Ernest Christopher Dowson (1867–1900)

    He that outlives a wife whom he has long loved, sees himself disjoined from the only mind that has the same hopes, and fears, and interest; from the only companion with whom he has shared much good and evil; and with whom he could set his mind at liberty, to retrace the past or anticipate the future. The continuity of being is lacerated; the settled course of sentiment and action is stopped; and life stands suspended and motionless.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)