What is retired?

  • (adj): (of a ship) withdrawn from active service.
    Synonyms: out of service
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Some articles on retired:

Turkmenistan Airlines - Fleet - Retired
... Turkmenistan Airlines fleet has also consisted of (at 25 October 2012) Retired Fleet Aircraft Total Tupolev Tu-154 9. ...
Glossary Of Baseball - 0–9 - 3-2-3 Double Play
... makes a notation that the runner at third base was retired "3-2", and the batter-runner was retired "3-2-3" ... Harper and first baseman Kent Hrbek of the Minnesota Twins retired the Atlanta Braves' Lonnie Smith at home plate and Sid Bream at first ...
Kowloon Motor Bus Fleet - Dennis (1952-1969, 1977-) / TransBus/Alexander Dennis (2003-) - Retired
... Falcon air-conditioned, FD1-FD20 / renumbered as AF1-AF19 in 1991 (FD7 was retired in 1989 before renumbering due to fire) 1986-2012 Dennis Dragon 11m, S3N1-S3N370 1990-2011 Dennis Dragon/D ...
Transaero Airlines - Fleet - Retired Fleet
... Transaero Airlines Retired Fleet Aircraft Year retired Notes Airbus A310-300 2001 Antonov An-124 ? Cargo Boeing 737-200 2001 Boeing 737-700 2005 (returned to service after 5 ex-Malev aircraft ...

More definitions of "retired":

  • (adj): No longer active in your work or profession.
  • (adj): Discharged as too old for use or work; especially with a pension.
    Synonyms: superannuated
  • (adj): Not allowed to continue to bat or run.
    Synonyms: out
  • (adj): Honorably retired from assigned duties and retaining your title along with the additional title 'emeritus' as in 'professor emeritus'; 'retired from assigned duties' need not imply that one is inactive.
    Synonyms: emeritus

Famous quotes containing the word retired:

    I retired from work and I didn’t want to just sit there and do nothing; I don’t knit and I don’t like TV and I’m no gardener.
    Margaret Demers (b. c. 1917)

    If you want an expert on war, you get a retired general. I’m not exactly a general, but I am retired.
    Sydney Biddle Barrows (b. 1952)

    I will never accept that I got a free ride. It wasn’t free at all. My ancestors were brought here against their will. They were made to work and help build the country. I worked in the cotton fields from the age of seven. I worked in the laundry for twenty- three years. I worked for the national organization for nine years. I just retired from city government after twelve-and-a- half years.
    Johnnie Tillmon (b. 1926)