What is registration?

  • (noun): The act of enrolling.
    Synonyms: enrollment, enrolment
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Some articles on registration:

Santos Dumont Airport - Accidents and Incidents - Incidents
2 December 1959 a Panair do Brasil Lockheed L-049/149 Constellation registration PP-PCR operating as Flight 246 en route from Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont to Bel. 31 October 1966 a VASP Vickers Viscount registration PP-SRM, was damaged beyond repair when it overran the runway. 8 December 1967 a Brazilian Air Force Vickers Viscount registration FAB2100 was written off when its undercarriage malfunctioned ...
Registration, Admission And Status - RAS Signaling
... Namely Gatekeeper request, reject, and confirm messages (GRx) Registration request, reject, and confirm messages (RRx) Unregister request, reject, and confirm messages (URx) Admission request, reject, and ... a gatekeeper with which to register by sending a registration request (RRQ), to which the gatekeeper responds with a registration confirm (RCF) ...
Lusitano - Registration
... Today, outside of Portugal and Spain, breeding, showing and registration of both Lusitanos and Andalusians are often closely linked ...
Electrolysed Water - EPA Registration
... Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seeking registration ... and pass the battery of various EPA product registration tests ...
Registration County - Ireland
... Civil registration was introduced to Ireland in 1864, based upon the English model ... Registration counties were formed for statistical purposes in a similar manner by the grouping of poor law unions. 1881 censuses of Ireland was published for the registration counties ...

More definitions of "registration":

  • (noun): (music) the sound property resulting from a combination of organ stops used to perform a particular piece of music; the technique of selecting and adjusting organ stops.
  • (noun): The body of people (such as students) who register or enroll at the same time.
    Synonyms: enrollment
  • (noun): A document certifying an act of registering.