What is red flag?

  • (noun): The emblem of socialist revolution.
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Red Flag

In politics, a red flag is a symbol of Socialism, or Communism, or sometimes left-wing politics in general. It has been associated with left-wing politics since the French Revolution. Socialists adopted the symbol during the Revolutions of 1848 and it became a symbol of communism as a result of its use by the Paris Commune of 1871. The flags of several communist states, including China, Vietnam and the Soviet Union, are explicitly based on the original red flag. The red flag is also used as a symbol by some democratic socialists and social democrats, for example the Avami National Party (Pakistan), French Socialist Party and the Social Democratic Party of Germany. The Labour Party in Britain used it until the late 1980s. It was the inspiration for the socialist anthem, The Red Flag.

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Some articles on red flag:

Christopher Moody
... Moody is largely remembered for his distinct Jolly Roger flag ... of the traditional white on black, Moody's Jolly Roger is gold on red ... In addition, blood-red pennants were often tied to the ship's mainmast to show deadly intent ...
Communist/socialist Red Flag As Name or Title
... been common to find streets, buildings, businesses and product brands named after the Red Flag in nominally socialist countries ... a famous line of limousine cars manufactured by China FAW Group Corporation has the brand name of Red Flag ...

More definitions of "red flag":

  • (noun): Something that irritates or demands immediate action.
    Example: "Doing that is like waving a red flag in front of a bull"
  • (noun): A flag that serves as a warning signal.
    Example: "We didn't swim at the beach because the red flag was up"

Famous quotes containing the words flag and/or red:

    Up rose old Barbara Frietchie then,
    Bowed with her fourscore years and ten;

    Bravest of all in Frederick town,
    She took up the flag the men hauled down;
    John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)

    What art can paint or gild any object in afterlife with the glow which Nature gives to the first baubles of childhood. St. Peter’s cannot have the magical power over us that the red and gold covers of our first picture-book possessed. How the imagination cleaves to the warm glories of that tinsel even now! What entertainments make every day bright and short for the fine freshman!
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)