What is ration?

  • (noun): The food allowance for one day (especially for service personnel).
    Example: "The rations should be nutritionally balanced"
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LRP Ration - Criticisms
... As it was a freeze-dried (dehydrated) ration, it required 1.5 pints (700 ml) of water to cook and reconstitute it ... had to be boiled or mixed with Iodine pills, the latter leaving a particularly odd taste in a ration ... water could also be collected from rainwater if one was fortunate enough, or in an emergency, a LRP ration could be consumed 'dry', but the soldier doing so had to consume ...
LRP Ration - Food Packet, Long Range Patrol
... The LRP ration continued to be procured in small quantities until the mid-1980s, when it was replaced by a thermo-stabilized ration, the Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) ... and Army Food Services viewed the new ration as a suitable replacement for issue in all combat environments ... failures previously encountered in standardizing on a single type of individual ration, the new MRE was duly adopted with the intention of replacing all the field ...
List Of Networks And Movements Of The French Resistance - The Eight Major Resistance Movements
... Ceux de la Libération (CDLL) (Right-leaning) Ceux de la Résistance (CDLR) (Apolitical) Combat (Christian democratic) Franc-Tireur (Left-leaning) Front National (Communist) Libéra ...
LRP Ration
... The Food Packet, Long Range Patrol or "LRP ration" (pronounced "Lurp") was a U.S ... Army freeze-dried dehydrated field ration ... in enemy-held territory, where bulky canned MCI rations (formerly known as C rations) proved too heavy for extended missions afoot ...
Australian Army Catering Corps - See Also
... Combat Ration One Man Field ration Field Ration Eating Device. ...

More definitions of "ration":

  • (verb): Distribute in rations, as in the army.
    Synonyms: ration out
  • (verb): Restrict the consumption of a relatively scarce commodity, as during war.
    Example: "Bread was rationed during the siege of the city"
  • (noun): A fixed portion that is allotted (especially in times of scarcity).