What is punishing?

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Punishment (psychology) - Punishment and Aversives
... Aversive stimulus, punisher, and punishing stimulus are somewhat synonymous ... stimulus or (b) the occurrence of any punishing change or (c) the part of an experiment in which a particular response is punished ... In addition, some things that are aversive may not be punishing if accompanying changes are reinforcing ...
Yitro (parsha) - Further Reading - Biblical
... Exodus 347 (punishing children for fathers’ sin) ... Numbers 1418 (punishing children for fathers’ sin) 302–17 (vows) ... (ten commandments) 58 (59 in the NJPS) (punishing children for fathers’ sin) 2322–24 (vows) 2416 (no capital punishment of children for fathers’ sin) ...
Shlach - Further Reading - Biblical
... hand) 1321–22 (pillar of fire) 1424 (pillar of fire) 204 (205 in JPS) (punishing children for fathers’ sin) 347 (punishing children for fathers’ sin) ... Deuteronomy 119–45 (the scouts) 58 (59 in JPS) (punishing children for fathers’ sin) 923 (rebellion) ... Jeremiah 3128–29 (3129–30 in NJPS) (not punishing children for fathers’ sin) ...
Va'etchanan - Further Reading - Biblical
1312–13 (firstborn) 205 ... in NJPS (punishing children for fathers’ sin) 201–19 (Ten Commandments) 2112–14 (cities of refuge) 2228–29 (firstborn) 347 (punishing ... Numbers 311–13 (firstborn) 1418 (punishing children for fathers’ sin) 1815–18 (firstborn) 351–33 ... stars) 3128–29, (3129–30 in NJPS) (not punishing children for fathers’ sin) ...
Ego Ideal - Further Developments
... punishing) aspects of the superego' explored attempts to 'distinguish ego ideals, the patterns of what one would like to be, from the superego, which is characterized as a threatening, prohibiting ...

More definitions of "punishing":

  • (adj): Resulting in punishment.
    Example: "The king imposed a punishing tax"

Famous quotes containing the word punishing:

    Only what is rare is valuable.
    Let no one dare to call another mad who is not himself willing to rank in the same class for every perversion and fault of judgment. Let no one dare aid in punishing another as criminal who is not willing to suffer the penalty due to his own offenses.
    Margaret Fuller (1810–1850)

    I cannot think of punishing him ... merely for coveting that liberty for which we have paid the price of so much blood, and have proclaimed so often to be the right, and worthy pursuit of every human being.
    James Madison (1751–1836)