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Postage Stamps And Postal History Of Palestine - Pre-modern History - Antiquity
... The earliest use of a postal system in the region is thought to date back to the Bronze Age, during the rule of Sargon of Akkad (2333–2279 BCE) ... empire, "was bound together by roads, along which there was a regular postal service, and clay seals which took the place of stamps are now in the Louvre bearing the names of Sargon and ... The postal system's establishment and the improvements to the road network are credited to the monarch Darius I (521–486 BCE) ...
Tape Trading
... Tape trading was a postal system reliant, penfriend style nature of an underground network that relied heavily on the cooperation of fans of different musical genres worldwide as well as the acts ... The ad-hoc system relied on a system of trust, meaning that tapes were swapped in a kind of honor system those who did not subscribe to this ethos and received tapes without returning the favor accordingly ... The very nature of the system ensured that recordings would decrease in sound quality with each trade and would in extreme circumstance become almost ...
Postage Stamps And Postal History Of Christmas Island - Postal Independence Under Australian Administration - 1958-1959 Transition
... Consequently, the island's postal system was independent from Australia's and placed under the responsibility of the Christmas Island Phosphate Commission ... Postal rates remained those of Singapore, placing this State inside the interior rate zone of Christmas Island ... modifications were made on the Singapore postal system in Christmas Island the airmail postage rate to Australia was reduced and Australian cancelling stamps were sent ...
Romanization Of Chinese - Non-Chinese Systems - Postal System
... The Chinese Postal Map Romanization, standardized in 1906, was based on French styles of romanization, and was exclusively used for place names ...

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    In nothing was slavery so savage and relentless as in its attempted destruction of the family instincts of the Negro race in America. Individuals, not families; shelters, not homes; herding, not marriages, were the cardinal sins in that system of horrors.
    Fannie Barrier Williams (1855–1944)

    Thought of the others they would never meet
    Or how their lives would all contain this hour.
    I thought of London spread out in the sun,
    Its postal districts packed like squares of wheat:
    Philip Larkin (1922–1985)