What is portion?

  • (noun): Your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you).
    Example: "Success that was her portion"
    Synonyms: fortune, destiny, fate, luck, lot, circumstances
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Some articles on portion, portions:

Bricriu - Fled Bricrenn
... At the feast he promised the "champion's portion" to Cú Chulainn, then to Conall Cernach, then to Lóegaire Búadach, and the three heroes proceeded to compete ... Only Cú Chulainn passed this test, and was judged worthy of the champion's portion ... (Two motifs in this story, the champion's portion and the beheading challenge, are mentioned by the Greek writer Posidonius as practices of the ancient Celts ...
Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Boston - List of Pastoral Regions
... northern portion of Essex County and the northeastern portion of Middlesex County 49 Holy Trinity Parish, Lowell Merrimack College 3 (TBD) Saints Memorial ... Stonehill College 3 (TBD) Good Samaritan Medical Center 3 West Walter James Edyvean southern portion of Middlesex County and the western portion of Norfolk County 67 Regis ...
Flexor Hallucis Brevis Muscle
... process, from the medial part of the under surface of the cuboid bone, from the contiguous portion of the third cuneiform, and from the prolongation of the tendon of the ... It divides in front into two portions, which are inserted into the medial and lateral sides of the base of the first phalanx of the great toe, a sesamoid bone being present in each tendon at its ... The medial portion is blended with the Abductor hallucis previous to its insertion the lateral portion with the Adductor hallucis the tendon of the Flexor ...
Bocaue, Bulacan
... Douglas MacArthur Highway and is located at the mid-southwestern portion of Bulacan ... The town is bounded on the north by the municipalities of Balagtas and a portion of the municipality of Santa Maria by the municipalities of Marilao and Obando on the south a larger ...
... or other shelter Canopy (biology), aboveground portion of plant community or crop (including forests) Canopy (grape), aboveground portion of grapevine ... investment firm Canopy (parachute), cloth and suspension line portion of parachute Chuppah, canopy used in Jewish wedding ceremonies Honda Canopy, three-wheeled automobile from Honda ...

More definitions of "portion":

  • (noun): The result of parcelling out or sharing.
    Synonyms: parcel, share
  • (noun): Something less than the whole of a human artifact.
    Synonyms: part
  • (noun): Something determined in relation to something that includes it.
    Example: "I read a portion of the manuscript"
    Synonyms: part, component part, component
  • (noun): Assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group.
    Synonyms: share, part, percentage
  • (noun): An individual quantity of food or drink taken as part of a meal.
    Example: "His portion was larger than hers"
    Synonyms: helping, serving

Famous quotes containing the word portion:

    Pharisaism is not a degeneration in a good man: a large portion of it is rather the condition of all being-good.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    As there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain circumspection and distrust, so there are qualities in human nature which justify a certain portion of esteem and confidence.
    James Madison (1751–1836)

    Though the words Canada East on the map stretch over many rivers and lakes and unexplored wildernesses, the actual Canada, which might be the colored portion of the map, is but a little clearing on the banks of the river, which one of those syllables would more than cover.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)