What is polymorphic?

  • (adj): Having or occurring in several distinct forms.
    Synonyms: polymorphous
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Computer Virus - Stealth Infection Strategies - Polymorphic Code
... Polymorphic code was the first technique that posed a serious threat to virus scanners ... Just like regular encrypted viruses, a polymorphic virus infects files with an encrypted copy of itself, which is decoded by a decryption module ... In the case of polymorphic viruses, however, this decryption module is also modified on each infection ...
Polymorphic Engine
... A polymorphic engine (sometimes called mutation engine or mutating engine) is a computer program that can be used to transform another program into a version ... A typical polymorphic engine works by encrypting the target program in various ways and providing a decryption module that can vary widely ... Polymorphic engines are mainly used by computer viruses ...
Polymorphic Code - Malicious Code
... Polymorphic algorithms make it difficult for such software to recognise the offending code because it constantly mutates ... Emulation may be used to defeat polymorphic obfuscation by letting the malware demangle itself in a virtual environment before utilising other methods, such as ... The first known polymorphic virus was written by Mark Washburn ...
Polymorphic Code
... In computer terminology, polymorphic code is code that uses a polymorphic engine to mutate while keeping the original algorithm intact ... To gain polymorphic behavior, the encryptor/decryptor pair are mutated with each copy of the code ...

More definitions of "polymorphic":

  • (adj): Relating to the occurrence of more than one kind of individual (independent of sexual differences) in an interbreeding population.
    Example: "A polymorphic species"
    Synonyms: polymorphous
  • (adj): Relating to the crystallization of a compound in two or more different forms.
    Synonyms: polymorphous