What is policy analysis?

Policy Analysis

Policy analysis is "determining which of various alternative policies will most achieve a given set of goals in light of the relations between the policies and the goals". However, policy analysis can be divided into two major fields. Analysis of policy is analytical and descriptive—i.e., it attempts to explain policies and their development. Analysis for policy is prescriptive—i.e., it is involved with formulating policies and proposals (e.g., to improve social welfare). The area of interest and the purpose of analysis determines what type of analysis is conducted. A combination of policy analysis together with program evaluation would be defined as Policy studies.

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Policy Analysis - Models - Six-step Model
... distinguish among alternative policies Monitor the implemented policy See policy cycle for a five-step and an eight-step approach ...
Michael P. Howlett
... He specializes in public policy analysis, Canadian political economy, and Canadian resource and environmental policy ... He is co-author of Studying Public Policy (2003 1995), In Search of Sustainability (2001), The Political Economy of Canada(1999 1992) Canadian Natural Resource ... He has edited Canadian Forest Policy (2001) and coedited Canadian Staples in Transition (2008) Policy Analysis in Canada (2007) Deregulation and Its Discontents (2006) Executive ...
Millennium Cities Initiative
... Professor Jeffrey Sachs in 2006, MCI aims to assist through research and policy analysis selected mid-sized cities across sub-Saharan Africa, located near Millennium Villages, to achieve the ... The project's initial focus is on policy analysis impacting foreign direct investment (FDI), with a view to creating employment, stimulating domestic ... MCI aims to demonstrate through its research and policy analysis that more FDI can be attracted to regional urban centers in Africa, with the resulting employment and ...
Economic Espionage Act Of 1996 - Trade Secrets
... also known as competitive intelligence practitioners) rely largely on the collection and analysis of open source information from which they identify events, patterns, and trends ... One such example is the collection and analysis of gray literature ... In 1999, the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals published its Policy Analysis on Competitive Intelligence and the Economic Espionage ...
List Of Master's Degrees In North America - Public Policy
... The Master of Public Policy is a master level professional degree that provides training in policy analysis and program evaluation at public policy schools ... Over time, the curriculum of Master of Public Policy and the Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) degrees have blended and converged, due to the realization that policy analysis and program evaluation ... However, MPP programs still place more emphasis in policy analysis, research and evaluation, while MPA programs place more emphasis on operationalization of public policies and the design of ...

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