What is plume?

  • (noun): The light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds.
    Synonyms: feather, plumage
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Plume (hydrodynamics)
... In hydrodynamics, a plume is a column of one fluid moving through another ... effects are more important than density differences and buoyancy effects, the plume is usually described as a jet ...
Prometheus (volcano)
... lava flow, all surrounded by reddish sulfur and circular, bright sulfur dioxide volcanic plume deposits ... Prometheus is the site of two volcanic eruption plumes a small, sulfur-rich plume erupting from the magma-source vent at the eastern end of the flow field and a 75-to-100-kilometer ... The SO 2-rich plume is generated as lava at the western end of the flow field covers sulfur dioxide frost, heating and vaporizing it ...
Features and Capabilities of AERMOD
... Plume types Continuous, buoyant plumes Plume deposition Dry or wet deposition of particulates and/or gases Plume dispersion treatment Gaussian model treatment in horizontal and in vertical for stable atmospheres ...
Plume - Other Uses
... Hackle, an ornamental plume on a uniform headdress. ...
Stanleya (plant)
... family known commonly as prince's plumes ... Species Stanleya albescens - white prince's plume Stanleya confertiflora - Oregon prince's plume Stanleya elata - Panamint prince's plume Stanleya pinnata - desert ...

More definitions of "plume":

  • (verb): Clean with one's bill.
    Synonyms: preen
  • (verb): Deck with a plume.
    Example: "A plumed helmet"
  • (verb): Form a plume.
    Example: "The chimneys were pluming the sky"; "The engine was pluming black smoke"
  • (noun): A feather or cluster of feathers worn as an ornament.

Famous quotes containing the word plume:

    In some of those dense fir and spruce woods there is hardly room for the smoke to go up. The trees are a standing night, and every fir and spruce which you fell is a plume plucked from night’s raven wing.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)