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OP, O.P., or Op may refer to any of the following:

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Cooperative Education - New Approaches
... problems, there is optimism about the future of co-op education "Social, economic, and historic forces are making cooperative education more relevant than ever" (Grubb Villeneuve 1995, p ... Because this has always been a principle of co-op, the field is in a position to capitalize on its strengths and the ways it complements other experiential methods in the effort to provide ... involves conceiving, defining, and presenting co-op "as a curriculum model that links work and academics - a model that is based on sound learning theory" (p ...
ALGOL 68 - Notable Language Elements - Op: Operators
... prio max = 9 op max = (int a,b) int ( a>b
... OP, O.P ... or Op may refer to any of the following Observation post, a position from which soldiers can watch enemy movements Ocean Pacific, a retail company based in California, United States ...
... Opština, Obshtina, Občina or Općina, Cyrillic општина or община, may refer to Country Singular Dual Plural related article Bosnia and Herzegovina opština, općina, oпштина opštine ...
Cooperative Education - Co-op Models
... Thus, like school-to-work (STW), the co-op model includes school-based and work-based learning and, in the best programs, "connecting activities" such as seminars and teacher-coordinator work site visits ... Co-op's proponents identify benefits for students (including motivation, career clarity, enhanced employability, vocational maturity) and employers (labor ... Barton (1996) identifies some of the research problems for secondary co-op as follows federal data collection on high school co-op enrollments and completions ceased in the 1980s some studies use data in which co-o ...